Be My Valentine

romantic couple sitting together
“You are an idiot but I still like you…”

Sun went into the clouds that day,
wind lightly whispering as leaning to say,
dressed in black blazers, white shirt, and a black tie,
I brushed my hairs twice and gave the gel a try,
then took my bike and headed to the school,
all girls looked at me, they thought I was cool,

With a rose in my hand, I stood up against the wall,
glanced through the crowd that was chirping like birds in the hall,
struck by the girl in the black dress with a delicate accent,
Oh god! I never knew she was that cute and elegant,
Her prettiness was tearing me apart,
I was losing myself, she had already taken my heart,

I gave her a red rose and said “Be my valentine”,
“I have finally lost my heart this time”,
she saw me falling for her,
and said, “You never get serious for any girl”,
she kept the rose on the bench and went away,
I also left for the parking, there was no reason to stay,

I was riding my bike when saw her standing at the gate,
thought to try again but didn’t want my heart to break,
Anyways, I went to her and offered my hand,
“My sweetheart life is like footprints on the sand,
you will never be so beautiful again,
as young I am, neither I will remain the same”,

Sun went into the clouds and winds whispering by,
when she leaned on my shoulders, sitting on a hillside,
she said, “You are an idiot but I still like you”,
you are not what I want but you are you”,
those moments like bubbles met the same end,
she kept her head on my shoulder, holding the rose in the other hand…


[Photo by Dan Musat on Unsplash]

Cold War

sad and heartbroken lover
“Perhaps you could have anyone,
but what should do, when I got only you…”

Yeah, it’s true that I did wrong,
shouldn’t have messed up things around,
but now I missing you badly,
there are friends but I am still very lonely,
please end this cold war, my sweet girl,
I am already losing this battle,

I still remember touching your cute face,
sliding away your black silky hair,
how my throat choked talking to you,
didn’t say the things I wanted to,
I still got all your messages,
our love story written in thousand pages,

I don’t believe when you say you aren’t perfect for me,
my heart beats for you only,
Just tell me what should I do?
I am miserable, everywhere I just see you,

I paid the price for my stubborn attitude,
without you, my life is a never-ending solitude,
Would you ignore my childish issues?
I know there are quite a few,

Now I am little shy to come near to you,
wouldn’t say that I really need you,
Are you waiting for me for to say sorry?
I will even do that if you come back to me,

Perhaps you can have anyone,
but what should I do, when I got only you…
– N2S

[Photo by Lukas Rychvalsky on Unsplash]

My Daily Rhapsody

solitude in metro life
“I have become a part of this cruel game”

Waking up with the alarm call,
I wish somebody throw it at the wall,
still dark, I don’t want to rise,
gone the days when I used to sleep after sunrise,
dressed in layers to escape the cold,
roads are filled with people from young to old,
traveling in crowded buses and Delhi Metro,
where everybody is standing on my foot, I am shouting “Hello!”,
I am suffocating and there is no air for me,
there is no one to blame, I am not the only,

I never thought of getting lost in the crowd,
imagining myself in flashy formal dresses, carrying a lunchbox, I would have laughed aloud,
but now I have become one of them,
working like machines from nine to seven,

I work as I have to learn,
like any other who want few bucks to earn,
eyes on the computer screen, ear pain of unpleasant chattering of keys,
I look around, unfortunately, I have turned into one of those geeks,
finally, the sufferings get over by evening,
mind goes blank, body is paining,
I couldn’t laugh at those tired faces,
everybody is so right in their places,

they have their homes to go, I don’t have one,
somebody must be waiting for them,
but for me, nobody is waiting at the door,
I don’t have anyone to run or to hold,
watching them hugging and snuggling,
I wish I could have someone worrying,

friends complain of ignoring them,
of not calling and messaging or at least replying them,
but I couldn’t defend myself long,
they are right, life has made me wrong,
I don’t have time for my own,
a moment for me to cry alone,
counting the days in the calendar,
waiting for the weekend to surrender,
then perhaps I will placate every soul,
on one Sunday I will message everyone and call,
but the days of fun are long gone,
we all have jumped in the rat race and are all alone,

I am signing off, have to sleep early,
there are no dreams waiting or any fantasy,
tomorrow I have to rise again,
as I have become a part of this cruel game…


[Photo by Hello Lightbulb on Unsplash]