About Schoolboyy


Thinking about School Days can make anyone nostalgic. Those memorable moments flash in front of our eyes and our memory starts remembering the eventful school days filled with fun, friendship, first love, heartbreak, exam-stress, teachers, competition, games, homework, school-projects and many other cherished experiences. It has been quite long since we have left the hallowed corridors of our school and we have come long way from there but I feel there is a part of it that we always carry with us. Irrespective of where we go or what we do, we all are the same students that we were before. I personally believe a part of us also always stays in these school corridors. Our voices still echoes in the walls of our classes and they will be echoing there till eternity. Schoolboyy is a door to revisit those treasured memories, to relive those days when we were innocent, carefree and hopeful. In a hope that this door takes you to the wonderful days, to your classes, school corridor, library, playground, benches, teachers, first-love and friends, I ask you…Are you coming to school tomorrow…

Walking back on these old lanes,
My throat chokes due to the past memories,
Reminding me the golden days,
moments of friendship and our sweet love stories,

I remember the first time I stepped into these,
With lots of nervousness and my skyrocketed heart beats,
We became lovers here, here we became friends,
We evolved here, we grew here, and few never left their innocence,

These corridors witnessed our silly fights,
Spats, fusses, shouts and cries,
I still remember those stage frights,
Sometimes hiding behind friends, at times coming with excuses and lies,

Those sleepless exam nights and tensed mornings,
Some folks doing last minute studies, others busy in making offerings,
Spending hours by standing against the wall,
My friend was lost dreaming about his first love and
I was flirting with basketball,

The precision of physics experiments,
The stinking laboratory of chemistry,
Some nerds were lost in the colorful biological diagrams,
Others remained troubled with mathematical mysteries,

The stairs to the library,
They were used by the love birds,
Sleeping on the benches,
writing names on the walls and making hearts,
The scolding of teachers and the punishment of hands up,
Me whispering during lectures and Mallik madam saying, “Niraj shut up”,

There were moments when girls were pulling our ties and messing our hair,
Queuing before canteen and bringing tiffins to share,
Someone standing with a red rose and
Someone carrying bunches of friendship bands,
The heart that girl just broke was of my best friend,

We remember teachers and some of their lectures,
Nerds attending them sincerely while bunking were backbenchers,
Watching her in the white school uniform,
My eyes strolled at the school gate, waiting her to come,
Reaching to my shoulders, she was little over five feet,
The place still feels the same where every day we used to meet,

So went the days of joy and ignorance,
and they went to never come back again,
We left these walls, benches and corridors,
Taking the golden memories and leaving behind the empty benches with names of ours,
The air around makes me feel that we are always here,
I still hear the pleasing voices and silent whispers,

Steps came and steps went leaving behind the marks here,
These corridors remained same and will remain so forever…