You Were Once My Girl

girl sitting alone
“It was just a game, where I meant nothing”

All I wanted was an innocent love story,
but you turn out to be the bad girl,
I didn’t realize but you were just playing me the fool;
you never understood my love,
you didn’t know what I went through,
you didn’t know the things I did to be with you,
all you cared about yourself,
your phony, fake, self-created sorry self,

You told me you were heartbroken,
I thought you would know how it feels when something dear gets taken,
but you didn’t even have a little decency,
for you, it was just a game, where I meant nothing,
perhaps you don’t deserve me, or anyone nice for that matter,
coz you don’t know a thing about love,
and how hard it feels when someone leaves you shattered,

You will never understand what is true love,
and I was the stupid who was trying to teach you that word,
just go wherever you want to go,
do whatever you want to do,
I don’t care about you anymore, I am done with you,
but just stay safe, you may be a fool but you were once my girl,
who I really really loved…


[Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash]

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