Best 90s Indian TV Serial Themes

Indian TV serial Themes and Title Songs

Anyone who was born in 80s was fortunate to witness the advent of Television in India. The color TV had just emerged in the market and the antenna TV was ubiquitous, with everyone seen adjusting the parallel aluminum bars on the roofs of their houses. It was the era of mythology programs like Mahabharata, Ramayana and Shri Krishna gaining popularity, sticking everyone glued to the TV sets. The era also witnessed the broadcast of extremely entertaining TV shows like Chandrakanta, Surbhi, Alif Laila, Shanti, Swabhimaan, Junoon and others. Kids’ shows weren’t much behind with imported and dubbed TV shows like Duck Tales, Alladin, Talespin, The Jungle Book and others filling our imaginative world with tales of heroism and amusing adventures of various maverick characters.

Ask anyone born in the 80s, if they ever have been influenced by the TV shows of 90s. They will answer in unison that yes, those shows have left a lasting impression on their minds. While I still remember some of these shows vaguely but the tunes, themes or songs of these TV shows are still lingering in some corner of my soul. Whenever I hear these tunes, I feel a part of my soul revisiting the memory lane of the nostalgic era of 90s. Here is a collection of some of the themes and title songs of few of the Indian TV Shows of 90s. Hope you enjoy them and revisit the beautiful times of your childhood.

Ajnabi TV Serial Theme

Junoon TV Serial Title Song

Chandrakanta TV Serial Title Song

Swabhimaan TV Serial Title Song

Shaktimaan TV Serial Title Theme

The Jungle Book Title Song

Duck Tales Hindi Title Theme

Aladdin TV Intro Song Theme

Sahil TV Serial Song

Alif Laila TV Serial Theme