Old Rose

Red Rose
“There would be a rose lying over my grave,
Take it, keep it close to your heart…”

There is an old rose in my book,
It reminds me of you,
There is an old high school picture of us,
It reminds me of the time I was with you,
How cute were you then,
And still the best for me,
If there would be any chance to go back,
I want you there for me,

Sorry for words I never said,
I never knew you were thinking of me,
Only when I realized,
You were leaving me,
Now after so many years have passed,
A lot of things have happened in our lives,
Sometimes I wonder if you still remember me,
It’s long since you have crossed my eyes,
Don’t ever forget about me,
As I can never forget you in this life,
I was never bad at heart,
I just never knew what to do with my life,
Now I have lost you to someone else,
And you seem happy with a lot of smiles,
Sometimes I still see the pain in your eyes,
I wish you could still believe me,
Even if you are tired of my lies,

I am doing good and would be fine,
You don’t worry about me, it’s just a matter of time,
Long after this,
Someday if I would ever pass by your house,
And you would be standing on the porch with your kids,
Would your heart flutter when I would smile?
You don’t have to say anything that time,
Just stand there for a while,
One day when I will die,
Would you remember me, would you cry?
There would be a rose lying over my grave,
Take it, keep it close to your heart,
When I would be long gone,
Would you remember me or at least remember my name…


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