You Are Like Life

pretty girl glowing with light-bulbs wrapped around her palms

Girl, You are the fear of losing job,
You are the fright that gets me on stage,
I live in my room of twelve by ten,
but it’s you who occupy the place,

You are the girl my mum warned me about,
but somehow I am adamant on buying pain,
Whenever I see you,
My brain stops, panic strikes again,

Please ignore any gibberish that I would say;
this stuttering is not a medical condition,
it happens every time I talk to you,
my brain stops thinking, you become the obsession,

It’s just my unconscious mind,
that is stuck on you,
You are the phobia that happens to me on heights,
You are the adrenaline that gets me when I fight,
I know I am a bit of a flirt,
but whenever I see you I believe in love at first sight,

You are the craze when I listen to music at full volume,
You are mania that spills out of control,
My case is incorrigible,
you are the vaccine, perhaps you are the healing alcohol,

If you still doubt my intentions,
you can check my passport,
Apart from getting heartbroken a few times,
I don’t have any criminal record,

Loving you is the only serious illness I am carrying,
Every minute without you is shortening my age,
Your refusal could become carcinogenic,
Without even smoking a cigarette,

You are the frostbite that has numbed my senses,
You are the cobra’s sting that has paralyzed me,
So even if it could kill me instantly,
it would only make me happy,
Sometimes I feel, you are like life,
the more I live, the more I die…


A sad love story – Pendant

Pendant is a sad love story of a lonely boy who loves a girl with all his body and soul. The boy never had anyone to love and life always took away anyone close to him. He found a friend in the girl and developed feelings of her but couldn’t be able to confess his love to her. Destiny again played a trick on him and he had to go away from the girl. He worked hard and became a successful person but always missed the girl he dearly loved. Would the boy get the girl in the end or destiny will betray him again? Find out in this short film called Pendant…

The Best Idiots in the World

Funny Poem about Best Friends

Best Friends
“Every day I will remember the best idiots in world…”

My tangled hair with the weird hairstyle,
The boys are calling, Sats arrived with his usual smile,
Maks is paying for the Conty’s hot non-veg soup,
There is Buddha proud of his Basketball shoot,
Ajink is missing; perhaps he needs a beat,
Through Temple hill, to the Deolali street,
My first cigarette, my first beer,
My first educational movie with the Sats where Maks was shedding his tears,
He is heartbroken over his first love,
She is Eagle Gym’s neighbor,

My first crush has the cutest smile in the world,
I would lose my chance if I would profess my love,
Nits has brought her bullet to the tuition too,
Mamta messaging me, I have been using a phone booth,
My first fight at the school ground, my unusual adolescence,
There go my school days and my childish innocence,
Perhaps not every day I will remember the best idiots in the world,
But again not a day goes by when I don’t miss them,
or perhaps it’s the beer talking…


School Reunion 2014

School Reunion 2014 is a short video celebrating the reunion of old classmates of K.V. No. 1 Deolali-Camp. These friends meet after a period of nearly a decade and walk again in the corridors of their beloved school. They discuss how life has changed, laugh, play and argue just like old times. They are not sure if they will see each other soon or when they will plan next reunion. But whatever they will go, wherever they will go, they will also carry a part of their school life with them. Watch the video to relive a moment of your childhood innocence and friendship…revisit your school days…

Old Rose

Red Rose
“There would be a rose lying over my grave,
Take it, keep it close to your heart…”

There is an old rose in my book,
It reminds me of you,
There is an old high school picture of us,
It reminds me of the time I was with you,
How cute were you then,
And still the best for me,
If there would be any chance to go back,
I want you there for me,

Sorry for words I never said,
I never knew you were thinking of me,
Only when I realized,
You were leaving me,
Now after so many years have passed,
A lot of things have happened in our lives,
Sometimes I wonder if you still remember me,
It’s long since you have crossed my eyes,
Don’t ever forget about me,
As I can never forget you in this life,
I was never bad at heart,
I just never knew what to do with my life,
Now I have lost you to someone else,
And you seem happy with a lot of smiles,
Sometimes I still see the pain in your eyes,
I wish you could still believe me,
Even if you are tired of my lies,

I am doing good and would be fine,
You don’t worry about me, it’s just a matter of time,
Long after this,
Someday if I would ever pass by your house,
And you would be standing on the porch with your kids,
Would your heart flutter when I would smile?
You don’t have to say anything that time,
Just stand there for a while,
One day when I will die,
Would you remember me, would you cry?
There would be a rose lying over my grave,
Take it, keep it close to your heart,
When I would be long gone,
Would you remember me or at least remember my name…