There Is A Place

a man looking at the evening sky
“There is a place in my heart,
where love is sleeping in peace…”

There is a place on the internet,
where beautiful music plays and incorrupt souls sing,
far from the glitz, glamour, noise and fancy things,
Artful creations ripped from the heart, drenched in nostalgic emotions,
Paintings with colors of life and brushes of reflections,
It doesn’t matter if every ear gets them,
Perhaps their beauty lies in whispering the silent rhythms,

There is a place in my city,
where only wanderers and dreamers dwell,
Looking up to the sunset, every day becomes farewell,
There is no haste, there is no chase,
Nobody owns it, and it’s everybody’s place,
Beauty doesn’t have to be praised always,
Sometimes it is just about a moment of cathartic taste,

There is a place in my heart,
where love is sleeping in peace,
Far from disguises, lies, and make-believe,
It is where nobody comes, nobody interferes,
Somewhere I am true, holding something I care,
Life is not about breathing, growing and dying,
Perhaps it is just about feeling…