The Girl I Almost Had

lonely girl standing
“Sometimes, I smile thinking about our old days, on the things that we used to do or say…”

Come on! Look at that face,
That cuteness, that sauciness, that grace,
If she talks to you, consider yourself lucky,
coz she doesn’t even make acquaintances that easily,
Those dark black eyes, they are deep as sea,
those pink lips, that can make anyone weak in the knee,
but most of all, that most folks don’t see,
she got one of kindest heart in the whole galaxy,
I know this coz she once loved me,
and made me very happy,

But sometimes things don’t go as we plan,
we cry, we argue, then, in the end, we have to understand,
She was perfect but she wasn’t my destiny,
I wasn’t aware, maybe I was always someone else’s property,
We have to become friends from lovers,
it was really hard to see it get over,
She is like sunshine on a wintery morning,
last wish a person may ask before dying,
Sometimes, I smile thinking about our old days,
on the things that we used to do or say,

All I wish is, she keeps that big smile on her face,
I don’t want much, just the news that she is well and safe,
So any boy out there, who she chooses to love,
consider this a warning, respect her, she was once my girl,
you are a lucky bastard, that God give her to you,
but that doesn’t give you any luxury to be rude,
love her, treat her the best way possible,
coz she is one the best girls in the world,
give her lots of compliments, she likes hearing them,
she loves pretty dresses, ice-cream and fried chicken,
Look into her eyes and tell her that she is beautiful,
her face will glow, nothing can be that cool,

But if you ever hurt her and make her cry,
disrespect her and tell her lies,
Believe me, I don’t forget things easily,
I don’t forgive those who hurt the people I love
or slander my country,
It doesn’t matter who you are or where you will go,
I will find you one day, if not today but tomorrow,
Then I will make you pay very very bad,
so never hurt the girl I almost had…