Kaise Ho

A couple cuddling up on a bed
Bade pyar se puchhti hai jab wo mujhse ki kaise ho,
Ki kya batayein use,
Takleefein bahut hai par uski khushi ke liye hans lete hain,
Ki apne hisse ke gam dekar uski hansi kyun chhenein?
Isliye khud mein hi jalkar uske chehre ko roshan kar dete hain,
Jab puchhti hai wo ki kyun kuch kehta nahi main,
Kya sunau use haal-e-dil,
Use pyar se dekhkar, meri nigahein hi sab keh deti hain,
Jab baahon mein baithi wo dheere se mere kaanon mein kuch kehti hai,
Halke se muskurakar main apni kismat par rob kar leta hun…

I Don’t Smoke

Man in tuxedo waiting near car

I don’t smoke coz I like it,
No, it is not for style, neither I get high on it,
I smoke coz I don’t want to outlive you,
There is no way, I will spend one more moment here without you,
I can’t imagine my life without you in it,
If that isn’t hell, then what is?
So I take a drag now and then,
To perish early and check if there is actually any heaven,
If there would be an afterlife, which I think there might be,
I would wait for you there, I have a habit of waiting,
I would be standing in front of my car wearing a black tuxedo,
A red rose and my crazy heart for the only girl I belong to…

Take Care

girl cartoon with balloon

There was a day, when you owned me,
My body, my soul, my everything,
And yes you did made me happy,
with those cute little things,
We shared those intimate moments,
When there were just you and me,
We planned our future, so foolishly,
It was not your fault, neither mine,
as we are mere toys in the hands of time,
Today, as I hesitate to even call you,
I slowly see you becoming a stranger, as once were you,
One day…
Before I won’t exist…I won’t exist for you…
Whatever take care little girl, will you..?

Midnight Wish

girl sleeping

It’s midnight and my heart misses its beat,
Coz she is sleeping and
there are thousands of miles in-between,
Unaware of my loneliness, my emptiness,
She is unaware of my situation, my restlessness,

As the night pass before my eyes,
I think about her,
Worry about her;
I am such an anxious lover,
My fate not better than the cigarette,
Burning in my fingers; only meaningless,

There she is,
Beautiful; Her face glowing,
Sleeping like a child, her slow breathing,
If wishes could come true,
I could sell my soul for free,
If for once, just once I come in her dream…

You Are Like Life

pretty girl glowing with light-bulbs wrapped around her palms

Girl, You are the fear of losing job,
You are the fright that gets me on stage,
I live in my room of twelve by ten,
but it’s you who occupy the place,

You are the girl my mum warned me about,
but somehow I am adamant on buying pain,
Whenever I see you,
My brain stops, panic strikes again,

Please ignore any gibberish that I would say;
this stuttering is not a medical condition,
it happens every time I talk to you,
my brain stops thinking, you become the obsession,

It’s just my unconscious mind,
that is stuck on you,
You are the phobia that happens to me on heights,
You are the adrenaline that gets me when I fight,
I know I am a bit of a flirt,
but whenever I see you I believe in love at first sight,

You are the craze when I listen to music at full volume,
You are mania that spills out of control,
My case is incorrigible,
you are the vaccine, perhaps you are the healing alcohol,

If you still doubt my intentions,
you can check my passport,
Apart from getting heartbroken a few times,
I don’t have any criminal record,

Loving you is the only serious illness I am carrying,
Every minute without you is shortening my age,
Your refusal could become carcinogenic,
Without even smoking a cigarette,

You are the frostbite that has numbed my senses,
You are the cobra’s sting that has paralyzed me,
So even if it could kill me instantly,
it would only make me happy,
Sometimes I feel, you are like life,
the more I live, the more I die…