My World

a couple standing together facing each other and their heads out of picture

I get angry when I see you spending time with others,
Come on! That was my time,
I know you have friends, family, and work,
But I want to be on your mind,

I know I am possessive but I am not ashamed of it,
I want you only for me, don’t care what others think about it,
I have a habit of being extremely choosy, so I pick you,
Call me whiny or needy but I just need you,

I won’t say I am perfect, actually I am far from it,
I have a weakness to get attached badly, I can’t help it,
Please don’t get mad or irritated, I am just made this way,
I do what I feel is right, and speak what my heart says,

Sometimes I talk on and on so that you don’t hang the phone,
Sometimes I go silent, fighting fears on my own,
I don’t worry about many things, I only fear of losing you,
for every other problem, I know how to get through,

So stay with me as much as you can,
I don’t mind if you talk to me twenty-four seven,
I know I am talking rubbish, you are a busy person,
Your mind has a million things going on,

You have many important people to meet,
Big goals to complete and exotic places to be,
Here I am, my heart knows only one thing to do,
My world starts with you and it ends with you…

Lovely Girl To Love

back of a standing woman

I don’t know about tomorrow,
Actually, nobody does,
There are millions of possibilities,
Lots of ifs and buts,
We will age,
Would turn into some uglier versions of us,
You would still look pretty, but I would certainly rust,

Sometimes I hate my stars,
That they brought you so late to me,
If it was always you,
Why I wasted my days and nights wandering lonely?
I missed kissing you every time there was a full moon in the sky,
and every time when I was riding my bike or I was high,

I missed you every time when I had to watch a romantic movie all by myself,
And every Valentines Day, I can only sigh at couples,
On my birthday each year, I wanted one gift less,
But I wished to see you,
You never came, neither your call or any letter,
So mean of you,

It’s easier to forget and move on,
This is what everybody does,
To believe in a childhood promise,
That’s only fools’ turf,
Do you really think was it my words,
Or you were always my destiny?
That you met so many good guys,
Yet you came back to me,

I know you never know the answer,
Actually, it doesn’t really matter,
The only thing matter is that you are here with me,
Let the past bygone, future you can shut up for the time being,
I am with the prettiest girl out there, made exclusively for me,
and I have to make up for all the lonely moments I suffered in between,
So excuse me, friends and folks, I won’t be calling anyone for a while,
I have a lovely girl to love and she is waiting for me with a smile…