My Hmmm Girl

Sweet Love Poem For Your Cute Girlfriend

Cute Asian Girl
Sometimes it is hard to keep up with you, you can change at any moment…

Hmmm…(you do this a lot)…Hmmm,
there are many things I like about you, here are just a few of them,
You are terrible at Maths like me,
You loathe studies; exams, you hate them just like me,
You hate cats as you are a dog person,
You get moody sometimes, perhaps quite often,
that also makes me worry, now and then,
You love your family and friends,
You like me in percentages, how much it is now hon?

Do you still need enough reasons?
I guess I have already listed over dozens,
You love Pho, and your noodles instant,
You hate Yoga, I don’t know when you would learn,
You worry about pimples just like any other teen,
You think over and over about things that you haven’t even done,
In one minute you are a flirt, you become stoic in another second,
Sometimes it is hard to keep up with you,
you can change at any moment,
I still don’t know why you hate Koreans,
out of thousands of TV shows out there, you like Balika Badhu,
It baffles me how that show is still even running,
I appreciate when you wish to be an Indian,
It’s okay baby, we are already too much for this world,
we are already over one billion,
But I must say,
You are perfect the way you are, you don’t need any modification,

Hmmm…I like you anyway,
I like your character,
I don’t find it very common,
You have integrity, that is uncommon,
I like your surprises, they keep me wondering what would happen,
Baby! we have to work on your humor,
coz your jokes sometimes get hard to take in,
But I like when you care about me,
I like when I get your messages in the mornings,
I like when you get jealous,
And I really like when you tell others I am your boyfriend,

Hmmm…do you still need any other reason?
I am a poet, all I can do is write a terrible poem,
at the best and simplest, all I can say to you…
I love you…

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