Just Come Back To Me

silhouette photo of man leaning on heart shaped tree

You say things that are mean,
I say things that I don’t mean,
Then I let you go,
Sometimes I want you to,
but when you are not around,
I start missing you,

I feel empty inside,
The loneliness, it burns too,
Chocolate doesn’t taste the same,
All those romantic songs now hurt without you,
I try to sleep, but every dream is about you,
I try to smoke, but even that couldn’t fade you,

It’s Saturday night and raining outside,
My neighbors, they are already inquiring about you,
So wherever you are, whatever you are doing,
Just come back coz I really need you,

I am young, you are cute,
my heart is in mess,
I need to see you,
It’s the daily habit to have you around,
My smile goes missing without you,
I am not good with people,
I ain’t that good with solitude,
People have friends,
I got only you,

So wherever you are,
whatever you are doing,
Just come back to me,
coz I really need you…


Miss My Girl

a beautiful girl wearing white dress looking upwards
You can get mad thousand times,
I will get you back every time,
I don’t care if you care,
even if you won’t need me, I will be there,

You are a little girl, you got several issues,
honestly, I got a few too,
Every morning I expect my phone to ring,
and to display a big emoticon smiling,

Sometimes there is no message or ping,
and it leaves me worrying,
then, I start to miss my girl,
whom I infinitely love,

I don’t know about tomorrow,
It can only bring avoided sorrow,
All I see is my wonderful today, which has you,
You make me really happy, and I wish you are happy too,

I hope you are getting bored in your Maths lecture,
and reading this would make you miss me there,
So why stay mad at your boy, who is missing you,
just say hi or the cutest, “I love you”…

And I Fall In Love Again

a couple sitting on rooftop looking at sunset

Sometimes I touch her face,
Sometimes I slide her hair out of place,
When we sit together,
I play with her toes and tickle her feet,
whenever we argue,
I am the first to admit my defeat,

When she cooks,
My God! she looks damn pretty,
even though the food is always a little high on salt,
I finish my plate all empty,
She is always out of words,
making conversations are not her specialty,
To keep her away from hanging the call,
I talk rubbish and make a fool out of me,

She doesn’t like surprises,
she feels everyone knows her in the city,
So I make sure to bring a red rose
and stand on the stairs of the metro station brazenly,
She gets embarrassed, she gets angry,
And the next one hour she would give me scolding tightly,

My heart sinks a little,
every time I see her go away,
Even if she talks to her friends,
I get insecure, I honestly say,
It’s true, love is not perfect, actually, it never is,
But when someone is this beautiful, I can bear it,

Sometimes I wonder if I am really in love,
Then I look at her and wonder,
“Do I really deserve a girl like her?”,
Then she looks at me and smiles,
“You know you are crazy, you are insane”
And I fall in love again…

You Belong To Me

couple in love
“You know how I feel when I am around you,
But you still don’t know how much it hurts when I am not around you”

I don’t want to appear heartbroken,
Please don’t feel sad, perhaps you are mistaken,
It’s just I miss you so much that it hurts a lot,
Life sucks without you and you aren’t even aware of that,

I miss our late night talks on the phone;
And the countless, dumb things we said just not to stop conversing,
The eyes would get sleepy but the fingers wouldn’t stop typing,
You are the last thing on my mind before sleep,
And you are the first person I want to hear in the morning,
I miss how even a minuscule “Hi” from you would make me smile,
The food tastes good and the euphoria stays for a while,
I re-read our conversations when you are not around,
Checking if I have said something weird or unsound,

I still remember, how terrified I was when I said I really like you,
I was afraid that perhaps I would lose you,
But I had to say it as I couldn’t take all that in me,
I thought my heart would burst and you would never know what killed me,
Now you know how I feel when I am around you,
But you still don’t know how much it hurts when I am not around you,
I wish you feel the pain which I am going through,
But I ain’t cruel like you,

I hate myself for not being able to hate you,
You are such a good liar but why I still love you?
I repeat I don’t want to sound heartbroken,
Please don’t feel sad, you are not the reason,
I am lying, these words mean nothing,
If you find tears in my eyes, I assure you I ain’t crying,
Don’t touch me, don’t say anything,
You would make it worse, you would do the killing,

Perhaps I am really terrible at lying,
I miss you plenty, I couldn’t do more denying,
If these words mean anything to you or
if you feel even an infinitely small fraction of what I feel about you,
Just come right away and hug me tightly,
And whisper in my ear,”You belong to me…”


[Photo by Travis Grossen on Unsplash]

Love Me Like I Love You

romantic couple
“I want to fall in love again,
All you have to say is Love Me Like I Love You”

If I ever buy a convertible, I want to take you with me,
I would stand on your doorsteps and wait for you to get ready,
You hate flowers, I won’t bring them,
Neither chocolates are your favorite things,
If I would ever sing, I would sing for you,
I know I am terrible but to make you smile, there is nothing I wouldn’t do,
If I would ever try ice cream cake, I want to taste it with you,
Or maybe we would share a bowl of Pho,

I will take you to my favorite places,
And would listen whatever you would ask me to,
If I would ever get wings, I would instantly fly to you,
I would watch you eat, I would watch you sleep,
I would smolder when you would draw, I would sigh if you would weep,
If I ever have to share my bed, I want to share it with you,
running my fingers on your back, I would cuddle you,
to make you giggle, I would kiss your neck,
I would smell your hair, would do a heartbeat check,

We would talk for hours till you would fall asleep,
I would carry you to bed and give you a goodnight kiss,
I say stupid things sometimes, that I don’t mean,
I just want your attention, perhaps some care I need,
Like you I have been hurt before, I am heartbroken too,
So without any lie, pretention or deceit;
I want to fall in love again,
All you have to say is Love me like I love you…


[Photo by Cody Black on Unsplash]