The Best Idiots in the World

Funny Poem about Best Friends

Best Friends
“Every day I will remember the best idiots in world…”

My tangled hair with the weird hairstyle,
The boys are calling, Sats arrived with his usual smile,
Maks is paying for the Conty’s hot non-veg soup,
There is Buddha proud of his Basketball shoot,
Ajink is missing; perhaps he needs a beat,
Through Temple hill, to the Deolali street,
My first cigarette, my first beer,
My first educational movie with the Sats where Maks was shedding his tears,
He is heartbroken over his first love,
She is Eagle Gym’s neighbor,

My first crush has the cutest smile in the world,
I would lose my chance if I would profess my love,
Nits has brought her bullet to the tuition too,
Mamta messaging me, I have been using a phone booth,
My first fight at the school ground, my unusual adolescence,
There go my school days and my childish innocence,
Perhaps not every day I will remember the best idiots in the world,
But again not a day goes by when I don’t miss them,
or perhaps it’s the beer talking…