If I Could See Her Again

Girl standing in dark
“I wish if I could see her once again, just one more time…”

When I lost all the hopes of falling in love again,
accepted my destiny of no one calling my name,
it was Monday morning and I saw her on the Delhi Metro,
I liked her instantly and could feel my heart racing like a pro,

She was in pink and I was in white,
I looked at her simple face and irresistible smile,
she resembled quite like the pretty girls in the chocolate Ads,
her small eyes perfectly radiating like diamond sides,
delicate like a fresh red rose,
white teeth in two perfect rows,

The morning was beautiful and wind blowing my hair,
I felt something, probably some cosmic connection we might have shared,
she looked towards me, held her gaze,
scanned right into my soul;
some spell-bounding alchemy she must have played,
On my headphone, Enrique was singing, ‘Somebody is me’,
she appeared so perfect and I was lonely,

She stood beside me reaching nearly my shoulders,
as she smiled, dimple flaunted her,
my heartbeat was faster, almost forced me to kiss her red lips,
What if she would get angry and doesn’t like it?
after a few minutes her destination came, she looked into my eyes,
as she is about to say something, probably goodbye,

For a moment, I thought to hold her hand,
and ask her to stay, even for a second,
I felt sorry that I said nothing,
she saw me for the last time, perhaps that was the ending,
I wish if I could see her once again, just one more time…


Standing In A Queue

People standing in queue
“Our whole life passed standing in a queue…”

Perhaps this must have happened with everyone and you,
Our whole life passed standing in a queue,
Now, this has become a habit,
Don’t fight, we are born with it,
Standing in a line for the school assembly,
We spend our whole education to high school from nursery,
We finally come out and get lined before the college gate,
Holding the admission forms in the horde of thousands for the same,
Standing in the line of the Delhi Metro,
Buses, railway, and flights, it is the same wherever you go,

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Damn its life! we have to even fight for love,
There are dozens, standing in a line for a girl,
you are nobody where everybody is somebody,
in the populations of millions, you are no better than a doggy,
you get shot and nobody sees you again,
no one talks about you or remembers your name,
the line grows even you live or die,
there is no shortcut you can try,
so don’t fight, you are born with it,
like others soon it will become your habit,
Perhaps this must have happened with me and you,
Our whole life passed standing in a queue…