A Boy Waits For A Girl

a boy waits for someone

Yes it’s hopeless but it is true,
I am always like this, you are always you,
I need surprises;
The best ones expect you,

You never seem to understand,
There is a child inside me
who wants to play with you,
Call me imbecile, different or crazy,
I always peek out of window,
Hoping for some miracle, shooting star or rainbow,

For the first time, if I am not looking outside,
The reason could be you,
Yes I am complaining, but I want my miracle to be you,
To behold all that amazement,
Let my astonishment be just you,
But you won’t understand,
You always were the ocean,
I feel like a desert now and then,

Why don’t you feel?
The need, the thirst,
The thirst in me,
You seem perfect for me and I always wanted to be with you,
And the connection between us, it always have been true,
Sometimes I wonder,
Am I wrong? Do I ask too much?
Do I love too much?
But what is enough,
What should be enough?

Is it my fault that I yearn, I seek all of you?
I don’t want you in pieces,
I want everything of you,
But only a prisoner can feel it,
The captivator won’t know any of it,
Far away, some place, a boy always waits for a girl to play with him…


couple hugging and whisper
Now the world knows about us,
Every word I say would be called pretense and show off,
I am not the kind who believes in the loudest of the things,
I think silence has the best words and meanings,
Love is not love if it asks shines and bling,
It silently lies in the care and true feelings,

So when I don’t speak,
I am not busy or displeased,
It’s just I miss you plenty
and want you to share my anxiety,
For you to realize, right now all I wish to,
Hold you gently in my arms, kiss your neck and whisper in your ears,

Being Your World

Couple hugging each other

Sometimes I get irritated when I don’t see you,
Sometimes I get angry when I couldn’t meet you,
My face lights up every time seeing you,
You are the reason I get seven shades of mood,

Since I met you, I fear of getting lonely,
Even though I am good with words, I want to talk to you only,
You must know some sorcery, or is it really true?
I don’t get impressed easily but I am smitten by you,

Not everyone holds my breath as you do,
Blame should be on your simplicity, but you are snowy white too,
I have heard no one is perfect, but you seem very close,
You seem flawlessly carved, from head to toes,

I must be someone special that I could touch you,
Most of the guys get nervous to even talk to you,
You don’t know but I stroll on cloud nine when you walk with me,
It’s quite an amazing feeling,
I am not different, I am not the only person in love,
I just feel different being your world…

Standing In A Queue

People standing in queue
“Our whole life passed standing in a queue…”

Perhaps this must have happened with everyone and you,
Our whole life passed standing in a queue,
Now, this has become a habit,
Don’t fight, we are born with it,
Standing in a line for the school assembly,
We spend our whole education to high school from nursery,
We finally come out and get lined before the college gate,
Holding the admission forms in the horde of thousands for the same,
Standing in the line of the Delhi Metro,
Buses, railway, and flights, it is the same wherever you go,

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Damn its life! we have to even fight for love,
There are dozens, standing in a line for a girl,
you are nobody where everybody is somebody,
in the populations of millions, you are no better than a doggy,
you get shot and nobody sees you again,
no one talks about you or remembers your name,
the line grows even you live or die,
there is no shortcut you can try,
so don’t fight, you are born with it,
like others soon it will become your habit,
Perhaps this must have happened with me and you,
Our whole life passed standing in a queue…