The Man

silhouette of a man
Being a man is making the choice between your happiness and the happiness of your loved ones and always choosing the latter. It is about not crying when your heart is broken. It is about being silent when you are hurt the most. It is about silently checking on the doors and windows if they are properly locked when everyone else is peacefully sleeping. It is about taking the last piece of the pie until everyone else is filled. It is about working hard everyday, taking all the stress of the job, bearing the all shit of boss and office politics just because you can’t afford risks. It is about checking upon family and calling and calling them until you know they have safely reached. In the end you would know that nobody will realize what pain you went through but it doesn’t matter as you didn’t do all that for recognition. When you will be done with the life and you are about to go, you would look back at your loved ones one last time to check if everyone is OK…because you are…THE MAN…