I Just Need You

woman looking at phone in front of window
I get angry when I see you spending time with others,
Come on! That was my time,
I know you have friends, family and work,
But I want to be on your mind,
I know I am possessive but I am not ashamed of it,
I want you only for me, don’t care what others think about it,
I have a habit of being extremely choosy, so I pick you,
Call me whiny or needy but I just need you,

I won’t say I am perfect, actually I am far from it,
I have a weakness to get attached badly, I can’t help it,
Please don’t get mad or irritated, I am just made this way,
I do what I feel is right, and speak what my heart say,
Sometimes I talk on and on, so that you don’t hang the phone,
Sometimes I go silent, fighting my fears on my own,
I don’t worry about many things, I only fear of losing you,
for every other problem, I know how to get through,

So stay with me as much as you can,
I don’t mind if you talk to me 24 X 7,
I know I am talking rubbish, you are a busy person,
Your mind has million things going on,
You have many important people to meet;
Big goals to complete and exotic places to be,
Here I am, my heart knows only one thing to do,
My world starts with you…and it ends with you…

Mere Dil Ki Manzil

man sits near ocean

अलफ़ाज़ मेरे बेकरार रहते हैं तुम तक पहुँचने को,
उन्हें सुनकर उनको थोड़ी एहमियत दे दो,
थोड़ा सब्र मिले मेरी बेचैन आँखों को,
तुम इन्हे अपनी फिर एक झलक दे दो,
माना की ज़िन्दगी के सफर में हँसीन बड़े मिले,
इस आवारा दिल के किरायेदार बड़े मिले,
पर किस्मत से हमेशा यही माँगा,
मुझे बस तुम्हे दे दो,

जिस मासूमियत से इसने तुम्हे चाहा,
ये दिल किसी और को यूँ कभी न चाहेगा,
मुझे किसी और को देकर उसकी किस्मत में बेवफाई न लिख दो,
माना उसकी मोहब्बत थोड़ी अबोध सी है,
उसे जताना नहीं आता, थोड़ी नासमझ सी है,
उसे है इल्म इस बात का की उसमे ही मिलेंगी मेरी सारी ख्वाहिशें,
पर ये हिसाब करने की फितरत तो मेरे मन की है,
तुम से है बस गुज़ारिश इतनी,
मेरे पास आकर मेरे दिल को उसकी मंज़िल दे दो…

A Boy Waits For A Girl

a boy waits for someone

Yes it’s hopeless but it is true,
I am always like this, you are always you,
I need surprises;
The best ones expect you,

You never seem to understand,
There is a child inside me
who wants to play with you,
Call me imbecile, different or crazy,
I always peek out of window,
Hoping for some miracle, shooting star or rainbow,

For the first time, if I am not looking outside,
The reason could be you,
Yes I am complaining, but I want my miracle to be you,
To behold all that amazement,
Let my astonishment be just you,
But you won’t understand,
You always were the ocean,
I feel like a desert now and then,

Why don’t you feel?
The need, the thirst,
The thirst in me,
You seem perfect for me and I always wanted to be with you,
And the connection between us, it always have been true,
Sometimes I wonder,
Am I wrong? Do I ask too much?
Do I love too much?
But what is enough,
What should be enough?

Is it my fault that I yearn, I seek all of you?
I don’t want you in pieces,
I want everything of you,
But only a prisoner can feel it,
The captivator won’t know any of it,
Far away, some place, a boy always waits for a girl to play with him…

And I Fall In Love Again

a couple sitting on rooftop looking at sunset

Sometimes I touch her face,
Sometimes I slide her hair out of place,
When we sit together,
I play with her toes and tickle her feet,
whenever we argue,
I am the first to admit my defeat,

When she cooks,
My God! she looks damn pretty,
even though the food is always a little high on salt,
I finish my plate all empty,
She is always out of words,
making conversations are not her specialty,
To keep her away from hanging the call,
I talk rubbish and make a fool out of me,

She doesn’t like surprises,
she feels everyone knows her in the city,
So I make sure to bring a red rose
and stand on the stairs of the metro station brazenly,
She gets embarrassed, she gets angry,
And the next one hour she would give me scolding tightly,

My heart sinks a little,
every time I see her go away,
Even if she talks to her friends,
I get insecure, I honestly say,
It’s true, love is not perfect, actually, it never is,
But when someone is this beautiful, I can bear it,

Sometimes I wonder if I am really in love,
Then I look at her and wonder,
“Do I really deserve a girl like her?”,
Then she looks at me and smiles,
“You know you are crazy, you are insane”
And I fall in love again…