Midnight Wish

girl sleeping

It’s midnight and my heart misses its beat,
Coz she is sleeping and
there are thousands of miles in-between,
Unaware of my loneliness, my emptiness,
She is unaware of my situation, my restlessness,

As the night pass before my eyes,
I think about her,
Worry about her;
I am such an anxious lover,
My fate not better than the cigarette,
Burning in my fingers; only meaningless,

There she is,
Beautiful; Her face glowing,
Sleeping like a child, her slow breathing,
If wishes could come true,
I could sell my soul for free,
If for once, just once I come in her dream…

Being Your World

Couple hugging each other

Sometimes I get irritated when I don’t see you,
Sometimes I get angry when I couldn’t meet you,
My face lights up every time seeing you,
You are the reason I get seven shades of mood,

Since I met you, I fear of getting lonely,
Even though I am good with words, I want to talk to you only,
You must know some sorcery, or is it really true?
I don’t get impressed easily but I am smitten by you,

Not everyone holds my breath as you do,
Blame should be on your simplicity, but you are snowy white too,
I have heard no one is perfect, but you seem very close,
You seem flawlessly carved, from head to toes,

I must be someone special that I could touch you,
Most of the guys get nervous to even talk to you,
You don’t know but I stroll on cloud nine when you walk with me,
It’s quite an amazing feeling,
I am not different, I am not the only person in love,
I just feel different being your world…

You Make Me Happy Loving You

Cute Love Poem for Your Special Someone

Fresh flower shining
“You are the first rain of the summer,
the shining morning of the winter”

You said I don’t know what is love,
so, I am afraid I might get hurt,
but you do force me to say,
your smile makes my day,
you are like the box of chocolates,
Sunday’s treat with black forest,
You are the first rain of the summer,
the shining morning of the winter,
I ain’t no poet, I don’t know how to say words,
for me, it is your beautiful face, as God in the church,
you are the innocence of a child,
the beauty of a rose,
serene as the mountain wind,
your fragrance flows and grows,

I ain’t no singer,
I couldn’t sing beautiful songs,
but I wish I can call you when things go wrong,
you are my last cigarette,
you are my last drink,
if you would ever say me to leave everything,
I would follow you without a blink,
I know you are worth a million emeralds,
thousands aching to hold your hand,
I don’t have millions but only sandcastles in sand,
all I can give you is my heart that is chaste,
I could watch you for my whole life and still, it would not be a waste,
I still don’t know what is love, what is true,
but you are so beautiful, you make me happy loving you…


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