Apna Khayal Rakhna

Tumko dekhta hun toh bas ye sochta hun,
Kaise tumhe sajaun, kaise tumhe sanwarun,
Tum toh ho pehle se hi hiron si chamakti,
Ab tumhe aur kaise chamkaun?
Har ghadi ye khyaal aata hai,
Kaisi hogi tum, kya kar rahi hogi,
Tumhari toh fitrat hai khud jalkar jahan roshan karne ki,
Ab tere siddhepan par kab tak tujhe samjhaun,
Naadan nahi, bholi ho tum,
Chaalbaaz nahi, samajhdar ho tum,
Par meri chhoti, ye jahan nahi itna bhi seedha,
Yahan kadwa neem bhala hai toh zehar meetha,
Tum seekho karna achhon mein buron ka farak,
Bas itna sa chahaun,
Khair Zindagi ke taraazu mein khushiyon ke saath kuch gam bhi tulengi,
Par tum kar logi raaste thik jo kuch rukawatein milengi,
Tumpar bharosa hai, tumhari zidd par bhi,
Par tum ho toh mere liye phir bhi bachhi,
Kaise ye kambhakht dil ko manaun,
Tumhare baalon mein haath ferte ferte bas yahi sochta hun,
Jo tujhe thik lage karna, bas tu thik se rehna,
Ke tu hansti hai toh main khush rehta hun,
Main teri khushi mein apni hansi dhundhta hun,
Kabhi jo tu jaane lage mujhse dur bas itna yaad rakhna,
Main aaj bhi teri aawaz sunne par pighalne lagta hun…

Love Me Like I Love You

romantic couple
“I want to fall in love again,
All you have to say is Love Me Like I Love You”

If I ever buy a convertible, I want to take you with me,
I would stand on your doorsteps and wait for you to get ready,
You hate flowers, I won’t bring them,
Neither chocolates are your favorite things,
If I would ever sing, I would sing for you,
I know I am terrible but to make you smile, there is nothing I wouldn’t do,
If I would ever try ice cream cake, I want to taste it with you,
Or maybe we would share a bowl of Pho,

I will take you to my favorite places,
And would listen to whatever you would ask me to,
If I would ever get wings, I would instantly fly to you,
I would watch you eat, I would watch you sleep,
I would smolder when you would draw, I would sigh if you would weep,
If I ever have to share my bed, I want to share it with you,
running my fingers on your back, I would cuddle you,
to make you giggle, I would kiss your neck,
I would smell your hair, would do a heartbeat check,

We would talk for hours till you would fall asleep,
I would carry you to bed and give you a goodnight kiss,
I say stupid things sometimes, that I don’t mean,
I just want your attention, perhaps some care I need,
Like you, I have been hurt before, I am heartbroken too,
So without any lie, pretention or deceit;
I want to fall in love again,
All you have to say is Love me like I love you…


You Make Me Happy Loving You

Cute Love Poem for Your Special Someone

Fresh flower shining
“You are the first rain of the summer,
the shining morning of the winter”

You said I don’t know what is love,
so, I am afraid I might get hurt,
but you do force me to say,
your smile makes my day,
you are like the box of chocolates,
Sunday’s treat with black forest,
You are the first rain of the summer,
the shining morning of the winter,
I ain’t no poet, I don’t know how to say words,
for me, it is your beautiful face, as God in the church,
you are the innocence of a child,
the beauty of a rose,
serene as the mountain wind,
your fragrance flows and grows,

I ain’t no singer,
I couldn’t sing beautiful songs,
but I wish I can call you when things go wrong,
you are my last cigarette,
you are my last drink,
if you would ever say me to leave everything,
I would follow you without a blink,
I know you are worth a million emeralds,
thousands aching to hold your hand,
I don’t have millions but only sandcastles in sand,
all I can give you is my heart that is chaste,
I could watch you for my whole life and still, it would not be a waste,
I still don’t know what is love, what is true,
but you are so beautiful, you make me happy loving you…


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Thank You For Breaking My Stupid Heart

Sad breakup poem for ex-girlfriend

lonely boy standing
“All I wanted was to love you, was that too much asking?”

I wish I could sing like my Rockstar friend,
So that I would sing in front of your house and
make you feel how much it hurts to be heartbroken,
but I can’t, all I am is a stupid writer,
who write stupid stuff and throw them here and there,
Till now I was wondering why I was not feeling anything,
any promise of togetherness, I wasn’t believing,
A machine, perhaps I was turning into one,
but then I met you and it was quite fun,
you made me crazy, made me do things that I would have never done,
perhaps there was a part of me who knew, there was no hope from the start,
So girl, did you enjoy breaking my stupid heart?

You are funny, but didn’t know you would make fun of me too,
You were lost in love, I didn’t know you will make me one too,
How stupid I was to think, that I would get something I want,
my luck will let me have someone, I really want,
Now I want to run to someplace quiet,
But what to do with the storm churning inside?
the loneliness of my room isn’t helping me anymore,
no friends could help me, all they could do would cause pain more,
perhaps two packs of cigarettes, a carton of beer would do some temporary healing,
All I wanted was to love you, was that too much asking?

You want us to be just friends,
if that so, tell me my favorite things or my favorite events,
It is clear that you never cared for me,
Friends fight, we never fought as I was always afraid of losing,
Friends don’t hurt, they know it will make living hard,
Look at me, you just made a million pieces of my heart,
You say you are bad, no baby you are not bad,
you are plainly cruel, but you are not even aware of that,
I know this because I waited up all night just to hear that one word from you,
Funny thing is I want to hate you,
but there is too much love for you inside, that is tearing me apart,
So baby, how it feels breaking my stupid heart?

I would survive this, I have gone through this before,
This is a very terrible feeling, but I have been here before,
I know how to smile even when I am wounded from the inside,
I know how to hide the pain, I have been doing this for a while,
but all I ask you is when you meet someone who really loves you,
don’t give him false hope, don’t say words that you don’t mean to,
Because you would never realize how much it hurts,
how terrible it feels when your only dream breaks,
and the worst part is that I can not hate you even if I go too far,
So dear, thank you for breaking my stupid heart…


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