My Empty Room

Empty Room
“If she wants to hurt me,
I wish she does it tonight”

Damn my empty room,
this gloomy fluorescent light,
Me sitting in a corner against the empty wall,
And burning on my lips, the fifth cigarette of the night,
No messages from her,
I am still waiting with a faint hope,
restlessness seeps in,
despair grows and grows,
but the phone won’t buzz,
not even for a lie,
there were days when she used to hang after four in the morning,
Now there isn’t even a simple goodnight,

There is a lonely fish in the bowel,
I haven’t named it yet,
No sleep in my eyes,
My heart burned and hurt,
I wonder unaware of my anguish,
she must be sleeping tight,
I am doing nothing wrong
but something isn’t right,
If she wants to leave, just leave,
but don’t give me any more lies,
If she wants to hurt me,
I wish she does it tonight,

Damn! I need something to get high,
These cigarettes aren’t enough,
I have such a bad playlist,
finding hard to get the right words,
I don’t have a single sad song
to speak of my plight,
Nobody to call,
I don’t want to make it someone’s gossip or delight,
Why I even fall in love?
I was content with my lonely life,
But she made it feel worthwhile,
She gave me reasons to be happy and smile,
Now her silence makes me so terrible,
I can’t think straight, I need another light,
God! Give me something please,
I really need something to make through this long night. ..