Hardest Goodbye

Lonely girl sitting alone
One day, you will understand,
Would realize why I did what I did,
Sometimes we meet the right people at the wrong times in our life;
Perfect ones that we only later realize,
If I get to choose, I would never want to lose you,
My heart breaks, when I look at you,
No matter how much I care or
how much I want to keep you safe,
I keep losing you,
The cruel time never changes its pace,
But you know that I know,
We have to go our separate ways,
With love for each other, to someone else’ embrace,
I wish, this moment just stops and forgets to pass by,
Coz I can’t see you going away,
You are my hardest goodbye…

Are You Happy?

man waiting at airport

IGI Airport, New Delhi – Day
She sees him sitting in the lounge, waiting for his flight. He is busy reading a book, but for some reason he raises his head to check the boarding announcement and finds her looking at him, his eyes froze. His heart skipped a beat, he stands stunned. She smiles. He tries too, to some extent. She walks towards him.
She: Hi.
He: Hey.
Both (together): How are you?
She giggles.
She: I am fine…good and you.
He: I am fine too.
She: So where are you going?
He: USA. Just some work.
She: Great.
He: Saw your profile pics. You seem to travel a lot with your husband.
She: Yeah, we have gone to many places.
He: You happy?
She: Yes.
He: Seems like he takes good care of you.
She: Yes he does.
He: Good. He is a lucky guy.
She: You aren’t dating? Or marrying?
She: It’s been 10 years since that time…you…
He: Hey I am getting late. I have to go.
She: OK.
He: You look good by the way.
She: Thanks.
He: See you then.
She: OK. Hey can I ask you one thing?
He: OK.
She: Are you happy?
He: No.
She: Why?
He: My happiness died the day you left me.
She: Sorry…
He: It’s okay. I am fine. I am really fine (holding back tears)…I..ha…ve to go. Bye…take care…
He hurriedly walks towards the elevator, wiping his tears. She stands there looking at him…

My Empty Room

Empty Room
“If she wants to hurt me,
I wish she does it tonight”

Damn my empty room,
this gloomy fluorescent light,
Me sitting in a corner against the empty wall,
And burning on my lips, the fifth cigarette of the night,
No messages from her,
I am still waiting with a faint hope,
restlessness seeps in,
despair grows and grows,
but the phone won’t buzz,
not even for a lie,
there were days when she used to hang after four in the morning,
Now there isn’t even a simple goodnight,

There is a lonely fish in the bowel,
I haven’t named it yet,
No sleep in my eyes,
My heart burned and hurt,
I wonder unaware of my anguish,
she must be sleeping tight,
I am doing nothing wrong
but something isn’t right,
If she wants to leave, just leave,
but don’t give me any more lies,
If she wants to hurt me,
I wish she does it tonight,

Damn! I need something to get high,
These cigarettes aren’t enough,
I have such a bad playlist,
finding hard to get the right words,
I don’t have a single sad song
to speak of my plight,
Nobody to call,
I don’t want to make it someone’s gossip or delight,
Why I even fall in love?
I was content with my lonely life,
But she made it feel worthwhile,
She gave me reasons to be happy and smile,
Now her silence makes me so terrible,
I can’t think straight, I need another light,
God! Give me something please,
I really need something to make through this long night. ..