A metro compartment
ऐसे जो तुम्हारी नज़रें मुझ पे रुकी हैं,
और फिर मुझसे नज़रें मिलने पे इधर उधर देखने लगी हैं,
कुछ कहना है क्या इन्हे या बस ये ऐसे ही शरारती हैं,
छूने की जरुरत भी नहीं,
ये नज़रों की मोहब्बत है, इन्हे जिस्मों की जरुरत नहीं,
तुम बैठे रहो ऐसे ही,
इन लम्हों की खातिर, थोड़ी देरी ही सही,

फिर चली जाओगी तुम अपने रास्ते, बिना कुछ कहे,
और जो मेरी नज़रें तुम्हारे साथ चलने लगे,
अलविदा कहने,
मैं कुछ नहीं कहूंगा, तुम भी कुछ न कहना,
मुड़कर बस एक बार, मुस्कुराकर इस मुलाक़ात को यूँही इसी
हसीन मोड़ पर ख़त्म कर देना…


couple hugging and whisper
Now the world knows about us,
Every word I say would be called pretense and show off,
I am not the kind who believes in the loudest of the things,
I think silence has the best words and meanings,
Love is not love if it asks shines and bling,
It silently lies in the care and true feelings,

So when I don’t speak,
I am not busy or displeased,
It’s just I miss you plenty
and want you to share my anxiety,
For you to realize, right now all I wish to,
Hold you gently in my arms, kiss your neck and whisper in your ears,

Miss My Girl

a beautiful girl wearing white dress looking upwards
You can get mad thousand times,
I will get you back every time,
I don’t care if you care,
even if you won’t need me, I will be there,

You are a little girl, you got several issues,
honestly, I got a few too,
Every morning I expect my phone to ring,
and to display a big emoticon smiling,

Sometimes there is no message or ping,
and it leaves me worrying,
then, I start to miss my girl,
whom I infinitely love,

I don’t know about tomorrow,
It can only bring avoided sorrow,
All I see is my wonderful today, which has you,
You make me really happy, and I wish you are happy too,

I hope you are getting bored in your Maths lecture,
and reading this would make you miss me there,
So why stay mad at your boy, who is missing you,
just say hi or the cutest, “I love you”…