Residents of Two Different Worlds

a boy looking at sky
“When I look to the stars…
I feel you are looking at them just like me…”

We are residents of two different worlds,
living on earth and sky,
but when I look at the stars,
I get this feeling I don’t know why?
I feel you are looking at them just like me,

I still wonder what I like about you?
your face, your eyes, your smile
or just looking at you,
You may have never seen me,
You don’t even know if I exist,
but it’s okay I am not one of your stalkers,
I have too much dignity to do it,

I just look at you on screen and feel happy that you are doing well,
Unlike me, you have wisened quite well,
In crossroads of life, I may choose someone resembling you,
and complying with my duties, perhaps I may even forget you,
Afterall it is never a promise,

You were never mine, to begin with,
The world is a strange place,
maybe I would find you someday asking for directions,
Or perhaps you may end up sitting beside me,
Looking me with curious attraction,
Well, these are just dreams but I have heard dreams do come true,
So maybe someday…I will meet you…