Ek Din Alvida

empty office space with chairs

रोज़ सज संवर के आते हैं,
आईने में दो टक और देख आते हैं,
बेकरार भले ना हों, दिल मचलने लगता है तुम्हारे आस-पास,
तुमसे बात करने के लिए हम रोज़ नई नई तरकीबें बना आते हैं,

औरों से नज़रें छुपाकर, तुम्हे छुप छुपकर तकते हैं,
तुम कभी तो जिक्र करोगी हमारा अपनी बातों में,
हम इसी इंतज़ार में कान लगाए बैठे रहते हैं,
बार-बार कुर्सी से उठते हैं,
तुम्हे खोजते हैं और फिर बैठ जाते हैं,
तुम्हारे पास से गुजरने के लिए सौ बार कैंटीन से पानी पी आते हैं,
कभी बालों को सहलाती तुम, कभी उँगलियों से उन्हें उलझाती तुम,
तुम्हारे हसने पर हम बेवजह खिल खिला पड़ते हैं,
हर रंग पे जँचती हो तुम,
सफ़ेद में तो चांदी सी चमकती हो,
हम तुम्हे और खुदको एक रंग में सोचकर ही रंगीन हो जाते हैं,

रिश्ता नहीं तुमसे कुछ, रिश्ते एहसानों को मतलबी बना देते हैं,
नहीं लेकर चलता तुम्हे जहन में हमेशा,
यह ख्याल तो स्क्रीनसेवर की तरह सिर्फ ऑफिस की चार दीवारी में ही पाले रखते हैं,
ऑफिस का साथ है, जरूरतों का मोहताज़ है,
एक न एक दिन अलविदा ही कहेंगे,
उस दिन तुमसे हाथ मिलाकर, तुम्हे आखिर छू ही लेंगे…

You Are Like Life

pretty girl glowing with light-bulbs wrapped around her palms

Girl, You are the fear of losing job,
You are the fright that gets me on stage,
I live in my room of twelve by ten,
but it’s you who occupy the place,

You are the girl my mum warned me about,
but somehow I am adamant on buying pain,
Whenever I see you,
My brain stops, panic strikes again,

Please ignore any gibberish that I would say;
this stuttering is not a medical condition,
it happens every time I talk to you,
my brain stops thinking, you become the obsession,

It’s just my unconscious mind,
that is stuck on you,
You are the phobia that happens to me on heights,
You are the adrenaline that gets me when I fight,
I know I am a bit of a flirt,
but whenever I see you I believe in love at first sight,

You are the craze when I listen to music at full volume,
You are mania that spills out of control,
My case is incorrigible,
you are the vaccine, perhaps you are the healing alcohol,

If you still doubt my intentions,
you can check my passport,
Apart from getting heartbroken a few times,
I don’t have any criminal record,

Loving you is the only serious illness I am carrying,
Every minute without you is shortening my age,
Your refusal could become carcinogenic,
Without even smoking a cigarette,

You are the frostbite that has numbed my senses,
You are the cobra’s sting that has paralyzed me,
So even if it could kill me instantly,
it would only make me happy,
Sometimes I feel, you are like life,
the more I live, the more I die…


Residents of Two Different Worlds

a boy looking at sky
“When I look to the stars…
I feel you are looking at them just like me…”

We are residents of two different worlds,
living on earth and sky,
but when I look at the stars,
I get this feeling I don’t know why?
I feel you are looking at them just like me,

I still wonder what I like about you?
your face, your eyes, your smile
or just looking at you,
You may have never seen me,
You don’t even know if I exist,
but it’s okay I am not one of your stalkers,
I have too much dignity to do it,

I just look at you on screen and feel happy that you are doing well,
Unlike me, you have wisened quite well,
In crossroads of life, I may choose someone resembling you,
and complying with my duties, perhaps I may even forget you,
Afterall it is never a promise,

You were never mine, to begin with,
The world is a strange place,
maybe I would find you someday asking for directions,
Or perhaps you may end up sitting beside me,
Looking me with curious attraction,
Well, these are just dreams but I have heard dreams do come true,
So maybe someday…I will meet you…