Wait, Wait and Wait

a person standing and waiting
Nobody told me that love is all about the wait,
endless and endless wait,
It’s about looking at your mobile for thousand times,
to see that one message,
but that message never comes,
It’s about lonely nights,
when you have so much to say,
but there is no one to listen,
It’s about getting soaked in rain,
and wishing somebody would worry,
but nobody won’t,
You look out there,
for someone to knock on your heart’s door,
and you just wait, wait and wait…

I Don’t Smoke

Man in tuxedo waiting near car

I don’t smoke coz I like it,
No, it is not for style, neither I get high on it,
I smoke coz I don’t want to outlive you,
There is no way, I will spend one more moment here without you,
I can’t imagine my life without you in it,
If that isn’t hell, then what is?
So I take a drag now and then,
To perish early and check if there is actually any heaven,
If there would be an afterlife, which I think there might be,
I would wait for you there, I have a habit of waiting,
I would be standing in front of my car wearing a black tuxedo,
A red rose and my crazy heart for the only girl I belong to…

Suffocate Like A Fish

sad girl
The day I don’t talk to you is not a good day,
It seems a waste,
The day I don’t get a message from you,
Even food doesn’t taste,
The day I don’t see your face,
My heart panics;
I feel restless,
and my mind loses its grip,

The day you sleep early without saying goodnight,
I don’t fall asleep,
I wish you wake up in the middle of the night,
And see me suffocate like a fish,
You don’t realize it now but I hope you eventually get this,
Someone really loved you and was happy because of it…

मुस्कराते हुए अलविदा कह गए

lonely girl

कभी बड़ी हसरतों से देखा करते उन्हें,
बड़ी उम्मीदों से इंतज़ार किया करते थे उनका,
सौ बार फिर आते थे उनकी गली से,
के एक बार ही सही, उसे देखकर चेहरा खिल जाये उस दिन का,

बातें तो बहुत कही उनसे,
बस वो एक बात ना कह पाए, जो जीत पता दिल उसका,
वो ख़ुशी ख़ुशी चली गयी डोली में किसी और की,
क्या कहते? क्या कर लेते? उसी में भला लगा उसका,
उस दिन समझा प्यार तो आसान होता है भुलाना,
मुश्किल तो होता है सपनों को दफनाना,

आज वर्षों बाद राह में दिखी वो तो, बस मुस्कुराते रह गए,
उन्होंने पूछा हाल तो बस मुस्कराते रह गए,
खुद की आप बीती सुनाते-सुनाते जो आँखें गीली हुई उनकी,
हमारे बढ़ते हाथ उनके चेहरे तक आते-आते रह गए,

की किस हक़ से छुयें उन्हें?
की दोस्ती भी तो नहीं बांकी थोड़ी सी भी हमारे दरमियाँ,
ये सोचके की कहीं वो हो न जाये बदनाम हमारे साथ खड़े होकर,
हम मुस्कराते हुए अलविदा कह गए ,
मुड़कर देखा तो उनकी आँखें नम थी,
इस डर से की कहीं लौटकर गले ना लगा ले उन्हें,
हम घर की ओर बस दौड़ते चले गए…

Just Come Back To Me

silhouette photo of man leaning on heart shaped tree

You say things that are mean,
I say things that I don’t mean,
Then I let you go,
Sometimes I want you to,
but when you are not around,
I start missing you,

I feel empty inside,
The loneliness, it burns too,
Chocolate doesn’t taste the same,
All those romantic songs now hurt without you,
I try to sleep, but every dream is about you,
I try to smoke, but even that couldn’t fade you,

It’s Saturday night and raining outside,
My neighbors, they are already inquiring about you,
So wherever you are, whatever you are doing,
Just come back coz I really need you,

I am young, you are cute,
my heart is in mess,
I need to see you,
It’s the daily habit to have you around,
My smile goes missing without you,
I am not good with people,
I ain’t that good with solitude,
People have friends,
I got only you,

So wherever you are,
whatever you are doing,
Just come back to me,
coz I really need you…