Just Come Back To Me

silhouette photo of man leaning on heart shaped tree

You say things that are mean,
I say things that I don’t mean,
Then I let you go,
Sometimes I want you to,
but when you are not around,
I start missing you,

I feel empty inside,
The loneliness, it burns too,
Chocolate doesn’t taste the same,
All those romantic songs now hurt without you,
I try to sleep, but every dream is about you,
I try to smoke, but even that couldn’t fade you,

It’s Saturday night and raining outside,
My neighbors, they are already inquiring about you,
So wherever you are, whatever you are doing,
Just come back coz I really need you,

I am young, you are cute,
my heart is in mess,
I need to see you,
It’s the daily habit to have you around,
My smile goes missing without you,
I am not good with people,
I ain’t that good with solitude,
People have friends,
I got only you,

So wherever you are,
whatever you are doing,
Just come back to me,
coz I really need you…


You Belong To Me

couple in love
“You know how I feel when I am around you,
But you still don’t know how much it hurts when I am not around you”

I don’t want to appear heartbroken,
Please don’t feel sad, perhaps you are mistaken,
It’s just I miss you so much that it hurts a lot,
Life sucks without you and you aren’t even aware of that,

I miss our late night talks on the phone;
And the countless, dumb things we said just not to stop conversing,
The eyes would get sleepy but the fingers wouldn’t stop typing,
You are the last thing on my mind before sleep,
And you are the first person I want to hear in the morning,
I miss how even a minuscule “Hi” from you would make me smile,
The food tastes good and the euphoria stays for a while,
I re-read our conversations when you are not around,
Checking if I have said something weird or unsound,

I still remember, how terrified I was when I said I really like you,
I was afraid that perhaps I would lose you,
But I had to say it as I couldn’t take all that in me,
I thought my heart would burst and you would never know what killed me,
Now you know how I feel when I am around you,
But you still don’t know how much it hurts when I am not around you,
I wish you feel the pain which I am going through,
But I ain’t cruel like you,

I hate myself for not being able to hate you,
You are such a good liar but why I still love you?
I repeat I don’t want to sound heartbroken,
Please don’t feel sad, you are not the reason,
I am lying, these words mean nothing,
If you find tears in my eyes, I assure you I ain’t crying,
Don’t tou

Perhaps I am really terrible at lying,
I miss you plenty, I couldn’t do more denying,
If these words mean anything to you or
if you feel even an infinitely small fraction of what I feel about you,
Just come right away and hug me tightly,
And whisper in my ear,”You belong to me…”


Thank You For Breaking My Stupid Heart

Sad breakup poem for ex-girlfriend

lonely boy standing
“All I wanted was to love you, was that too much asking?”

I wish I could sing like my Rockstar friend,
So that I would sing in front of your house and
make you feel how much it hurts to be heartbroken,
but I can’t, all I am is a stupid writer,
who write stupid stuff and throw them here and there,
Till now I was wondering why I was not feeling anything,
any promise of togetherness, I wasn’t believing,
A machine, perhaps I was turning into one,
but then I met you and it was quite fun,
you made me crazy, made me do things that I would have never done,
perhaps there was a part of me who knew, there was no hope from the start,
So girl, did you enjoy breaking my stupid heart?

You are funny, but didn’t know you would make fun of me too,
You were lost in love, I didn’t know you will make me one too,
How stupid I was to think, that I would get something I want,
my luck will let me have someone, I really want,
Now I want to run to someplace quiet,
But what to do with the storm churning inside?
the loneliness of my room isn’t helping me anymore,
no friends could help me, all they could do would cause pain more,
perhaps two packs of cigarettes, a carton of beer would do some temporary healing,
All I wanted was to love you, was that too much asking?

You want us to be just friends,
if that so, tell me my favorite things or my favorite events,
It is clear that you never cared for me,
Friends fight, we never fought as I was always afraid of losing,
Friends don’t hurt, they know it will make living hard,
Look at me, you just made a million pieces of my heart,
You say you are bad, no baby you are not bad,
you are plainly cruel, but you are not even aware of that,
I know this because I waited up all night just to hear that one word from you,
Funny thing is I want to hate you,
but there is too much love for you inside, that is tearing me apart,
So baby, how it feels breaking my stupid heart?

I would survive this, I have gone through this before,
This is a very terrible feeling, but I have been here before,
I know how to smile even when I am wounded from the inside,
I know how to hide the pain, I have been doing this for a while,
but all I ask you is when you meet someone who really loves you,
don’t give him false hope, don’t say words that you don’t mean to,
Because you would never realize how much it hurts,
how terrible it feels when your only dream breaks,
and the worst part is that I can not hate you even if I go too far,
So dear, thank you for breaking my stupid heart…


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A sad love story – Pendant

Pendant is a sad love story of a lonely boy who loves a girl with all his body and soul. The boy never had anyone to love and life always took away anyone close to him. He found a friend in the girl and developed feelings of her but couldn’t be able to confess his love to her. Destiny again played a trick on him and he had to go away from the girl. He worked hard and became a successful person but always missed the girl he dearly loved. Would the boy get the girl in the end or destiny will betray him again? Find out in this short film called Pendant…

Cold War

sad and heartbroken lover
“Perhaps you could have anyone,
but what should do, when I got only you…”

Yeah, it’s true that I did wrong,
shouldn’t have messed up things around,
but now I missing you badly,
there are friends but I am still very lonely,
please end this cold war, my sweet girl,
I am already losing this battle,

I still remember touching your cute face,
sliding away your black silky hair,
how my throat choked talking to you,
didn’t say the things I wanted to,
I still got all your messages,
our love story written in a thousand pages,

I don’t believe when you say you aren’t perfect for me,
my heart beats for you only,
Just tell me what should I do?
I am miserable, everywhere I just see you,

I paid the price for my stubborn attitude,
without you, my life is a never-ending solitude,
Would you ignore my childish issues?
I know there are quite a few,

Now I am a little shy to come near to you,
wouldn’t say that I really need you,
Are you waiting for me to say sorry?
I will even do that if you come back to me,

Perhaps you can have anyone,
but what should I do, when I got only you…