बस खिलौने कम हैं (Bas Khilaune Kam Hain)

closeup photo of white petaled flower showing beauty of life

अब अश्क सवाल नहीं पूछते,
वजह ढूंढते हैं बह जाने को,
हम बुद्धू हैं कि ,
यह समझ नहीं पाते,
मतलबी लोग नहीं, बस आलसी हैं,
साँसों की गिनती तो पहले जितनी ही है,
अब बस खिलौने कम हैं पाने को,

कल का हस्र देख, आज थोड़ा और जी लूँ ,
की कल से कम ही तुलेंगी खुशियां
ज़िन्दगी के तराज़ू पर,
हर दिन गुज़र जाता है सिकवे करते-करते,
हर शाम एक और वजह मिल जाती है खो जाने को,
वक़्त लाया तो है तरीके बहुत बातें कहने के लिए,
बस अलफ़ाज़ कम रह गए हैं सुनाने को,
आज भी इसी आस में सो जाते हैं,
की कल कोई उठाएगा,
स्कूल जाने को…

Rented Room

a filled dark room with a poster and a quote written on it
While changing address, I looked at my old room for the last time,
I didn’t remember exactly when I came here and made it mine,
This room saw me grow,
It witnessed my high and low,
I had spread my world in this few hundred square feet place,
I cleaned it, maintained it, decorated it in refined taste,

It saw me and friends bursting in laughter,
It also looked at me when I was lonely and no one was there,
These walls heard my wishpers;
my late night conversations with the girl I loved,
Then it also stood silently
when my heart was broken and battered,

This was a rented address but it was my home,
It wouldn’t remember me, it would belong to someone else once I am gone,
As I stepped into the cab for my new address,
A thought came to me, which should be said,
Life is nothing but a rented room, you can’t have it forever,
So don’t get too attached to it, in the end, nothing matters…

Revenge Of Karma

Demonstration scene
“Rules are rules…”

Standing in a queue at the railway station,
the crowd was pushing each other in frustration,
there was a policeman beating a man with a stick,
I was among the meeks, witnessing this,
the lean man was pleading and his head bleeding,
the cop was ignorant of all the begging,
“Please sir, it’s urgent, my mother is dying,
I need to see her for the last time”,
“that’s your problem, rules are rules, now go
and stand in the line”,

The man was crying, he was on his knees,
“God is watching from above, help me please”,
Everyone was watching but no one dared to speak,
nobody cares until the suffering is about his,
he wiped his tears and saw the face of the “diligent” policeman,
he left with his steps lost in the voices of the common,

Time passed as it has no other option,
my friend was having a knee operation,
sitting in a waiting room of a hospital, I saw a long queue,
after all, this is a democracy of rules made for me and you,
a man rushed through the main door with a kid,
the kid was hurt, unconscious, probably a car-hit,

“Sir please admit my son, he is badly hurt”,
“Wait in line, don’t you see, minister’s wife is having a check,
They probably didn’t remember,
they were the same policeman and the man beaten in the September,
“Sir my kid will die, I beg you”,
“It’s your problem, I am helpless like you”,
“Rules are rules…”

– N2S

[Photo by Kym Ellis on Unsplash]