Just Come Back To Me

silhouette photo of man leaning on heart shaped tree

You say things that are mean,
I say things that I don’t mean,
Then I let you go,
Sometimes I want you to,
but when you are not around,
I start missing you,

I feel empty inside,
The loneliness, it burns too,
Chocolate doesn’t taste the same,
All those romantic songs now hurt without you,
I try to sleep, but every dream is about you,
I try to smoke, but even that couldn’t fade you,

It’s Saturday night and raining outside,
My neighbors, they are already inquiring about you,
So wherever you are, whatever you are doing,
Just come back coz I really need you,

I am young, you are cute,
my heart is in mess,
I need to see you,
It’s the daily habit to have you around,
My smile goes missing without you,
I am not good with people,
I ain’t that good with solitude,
People have friends,
I got only you,

So wherever you are,
whatever you are doing,
Just come back to me,
coz I really need you…


Cold War

sad and heartbroken lover
“Perhaps you could have anyone,
but what should do, when I got only you…”

Yeah, it’s true that I did wrong,
shouldn’t have messed up things around,
but now I missing you badly,
there are friends but I am still very lonely,
please end this cold war, my sweet girl,
I am already losing this battle,

I still remember touching your cute face,
sliding away your black silky hair,
how my throat choked talking to you,
didn’t say the things I wanted to,
I still got all your messages,
our love story written in a thousand pages,

I don’t believe when you say you aren’t perfect for me,
my heart beats for you only,
Just tell me what should I do?
I am miserable, everywhere I just see you,

I paid the price for my stubborn attitude,
without you, my life is a never-ending solitude,
Would you ignore my childish issues?
I know there are quite a few,

Now I am a little shy to come near to you,
wouldn’t say that I really need you,
Are you waiting for me to say sorry?
I will even do that if you come back to me,

Perhaps you can have anyone,
but what should I do, when I got only you…